3D wheel alignment machine for trucks, buses&trailers

TechnoVector 7 Truck&Bus is designed for wheel angles measurement and adjustment on trucks, trailers, buses, and can be installed in automotive companies, all workshops, tire shops, automotive manufacturing plants, and diagnostics centers.


Fast and precise measurement of multi-axle vehicles with a single forward-roll.

Measures heavy-duty vehicles with the wheelbase of up to 630 in.

Control the aligner remotely with the radio wave remote or a tablet.

Send alignment reports to your customers via e-mail or sms, increasing the efficiency and quality of customer service

Impressive features

Measures relative to the frame geometric centerline or the rear axle. Supports drivethrough and a reverse drive-in. The features that are key for your business.

Each post has an auxiliary status display making the measurement much easier.

No electronic components on wheels – only compact, lightweight and durable targets made of magnesium alloy that are installed on the wheels using standard 4-point rim clamps or magnetic clamps.

Rim range up to 28"



Machine vision system

TechnoVector 7 Truck&Bus allows measuring trucks with the wheelbase up to 630 in.

Posts with 4 high-resolution WideScope cameras are also equipped with action indicators making the measurement much easier.

Data transfer from the camera units to the PC is carried out over TCP/IP; This location of the machine vision system gives an opportunity to take into account the individual features of a certain workplace and Drive-through + reverse drive-in are, also, allowed.

The machine vision system allows automatic recognition of targets installed on vehicle wheels and the position of the laser probe target. That all provides precise alignment readings and reduces time losses for setup.


No electronic components on wheels – only compact, lightweight and durable targets made of magnesium alloy that can be installed on the wheel using standard 4-point clamps or magnetic clamps.

Rim range up to 28"

Laser probe allows to perform frame/body measurement by simply pointing a laser pointer onto the spot you want to measure.

Software and computer hardware

Wheel aligners are equipped with a modern and efficient computer and licensed fully functional software Windows 10 as well;

User-friendly interface and advanced Assistance and Support System helps to quickly learn, how to use the wheel aligner and start to work even for beginner users.


Unlimited free support

With our experts' advice and unique features of our equipment you can select a proper machine for any car shop

Optimal delivery terms

We always have some of our products in stock. Efficient work of the sales and logistics departments makes it possible for you to receive your order within 3-5 days

Official warranty

In the event of warranty claims, we always meet our commitments for equipment repair

Software updates

Lifetime regular updates are available; call for details

Regular software update

Software and database regular update twice a year

Optional remote desktop connection to your wheel aligner

We can check if your equipment runs correctly or not via Internet without sending our technicians to you


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