Our History

  • 1997

    First wheel aligner had been produced

  • 2005

    Production of TechnoVector 5 CCD wheel aligner with PRRC (Precise Rolling and Runout Compensation) technology

  • 2009

    Introdued our first 3D wheel aligner for cars: TechnoVector 7 with WideScope technology

  • 2012

    The mobile wheel aligner TechnoVector 6 with 3D Free Motion technology allowing smaller workshops to use the benefits of 3D technology

  • 2013

    The first worldwide 3D wheel aligner for trucks had been introduced.

  • 2016

    Released the 5-camera 3D mobile wheel aligner for cars and trucks and the 3-camera cars mobile aligner.

  • 2018

    New unique Contactless wheel aligner TechnoVector 8 with SmartLight technology.

  • 2019

    Production of modern and high-tech machines for automobile wheel balancing began.

  • 2021

    The world premiere of a contactless solution for heavy-duty truck alignment and express angles check.