alignment machine



Number of cameras 4 fixed camera on mobile fixtures
Cameras type Industrial Grade HD high-precision optical RAW cameras
Mounting type Mobile
Cabinet type P-series / Y-series / S-series
Applicability Pit or Flush
Distance from cameras to the center of the front turn tables From 79”
Wheel adapter mounting range 15 – 28 in
Power source 115 VAC single-phase 50/60 Hz



One of a kind 4 camera machine vision wheel aligner for Heavy Duty vehicles alignment purposes;
Trucks, Semi-trailers & Buses fast and accurate measurement;
Unique WideScope technology allows readings and adjusts angles on Truck and Bus wheelbases of up to 630 inches;
Self-centering wheel adapters with the adjustable central mechanism fit 15” – 28” wheel rims and are compatible with most Heavy Duty vehicles;
Fast and accurate multi-axle readings for just one forward roll (Faster compensation), measurement relatively the frame or the rear axle, availability of drive through or backward running measuring procedures;
Wheel adapters and targets could be mounted onto wheels on up to four vehicle axles at the same time;
The mechanical or probe for quick and accurate vehicle frame reference line measurement;
Several alignment bay configurations give an opportunity to consider individual features of a certain alignment bay. Dead end or Drive-through forward and backward running bay composition are allowed.



Contains no electrical components on adapters and targets installed on moving parts of a vehicle;
Target-Adapter assembles don’t require constant recharging of system components;
All sensitive electronics are located away from moving parts of vehicles and out of the mechanic’s reach;
Requires no complex calibrations during operation and in the event of a target falling;
Absolute system accuracy and reliability.



The unique WideScope technology allows the system to read and adjust angles over an extensive range of lengths without adjusting the gauge system’s height, which allows you to work with an extended range of wheelbases without loss of accuracy and significantly increase the performance of the wheel alignment bay.
Wheelbases up to 630”* can be measured starting from 115”* from the system towers. Combined with a shortened just 30 inches rolling distance for runout compensation, these specifications create an optimal bay for Heavy Duty wheel alignment.



Self-centering wheel adapters with the adjustable central mechanism fit 15” – 28” wheel rims and are compatible with most Heavy Duty vehicles;
Double Extended Heavy Duty sided studs for easy installation on both steel and light-alloy rims;
Additional range adjustment is carried out by inserting studs into outer or inner adapter holes;
Quick and reliable target mounting in a wheel adapters housing with a shaft lock;
Lightweight and durable magnesium alloy targets are covered with a protective oil-and-petrol resistant layer;
Don’t comprise any electronic components;
High-quality photo-masked images to maximize the wheel aligner’s accuracy.


Two high-resolution WideScope cameras from each assembly are combined into a common calibrated high-accuracy measurement system, quick and reliable target capture, and a highspeed image transfer over TCP/IP. Each block comprises RGB auxiliary indicators of alignment procedure status.


Live data processing and readings display. Easy remotely operated using system color indicators.

Readings are automatically compared with OEM vehicle specifications.

alignment machine

Quick program modes Access: Database View; Target Setup & Rolling compensation Mode; Vehicle wheel formula and baseline adjustment selections Mode; Reading Mode; Live Adjustment; Each axle live adjustment mode; Report View.

Rear axle reference or frame reference measurement Modes.

Aligner program database for 55000+ includes OEM cars and heavy duty vehicles wheel alignment
specifications, tire pressure specifications, animation, adjustment diagrams & images.

The Electronic Help system contains thorough data on working with the wheel alignment machine and software: video manuals for working with equipment and program, adjustments data, diagrams, images, video and animation.


In the Box

1] Machine Vision System
Movable measuring system with Four WideScope high-resolution cameras that are securely located in two towers.

2] Computer Console
Convenient clamps and targets storage design, Electronic PC based unit with Windows 10 operating system; 21,5” or above LCD monitor with monitor bracket, Universal telescopic monitor bracket for LCD position adjusting (height and inclination angle) to provide maximum operator’ usability, Color Printer.

3] Electronic Unit

4] Set eight HD Targets & Self-centering Wheel Adapters
Don’t comprise any electronic components. High-quality photo masked images to maximize the wheel aligner’s accuracy. Lightweight and durable magnesium alloy targets are covered with a protective oil-and-petrol resistant layer.

5] Storage racks (two) for wheel adapters and targets assemblies

6] Steering Wheel Depressor & Brake Depressor

7] Set of Turn Tables

8] Remote Kit

9] Manual



An electronic laser probe provides accurate calculations of the frame to axle position of vehicles, trailers, or semi-trailers.

Magnetic wheel adapters are designed for faster targets on wheels mount. This type of clamps allows to improve adjustment quality and to enhance alignment bay operation speed. Usage increases the efficiency of the wheel aligner, makes work easier, and provides high measurement accuracy. No adapter rim contact.

10” tablet for aligner remote control. Helps carry out the adjustment procedure in cases the main system aligner display is not visible to the technician.

The 32’’ monitor can supplied instead of the standard one, and can be mounted on a standard bracket.
Monitor bracket for 40’’-50’’ monitors. These larger monitors can be mounted to the vertical post. Additional monitors can be added to the customer waiting areas or reception areas via the second
HDMI port.