Innovations & Quality


Continuous improvement of existing technologies and research into new principles for measuring wheel alignment has put us among the industry leaders for a decade. Ground-breaking technologies such as PRRC, WideScope, and SmartLight have become unrivaled worldwide. Technovector produces all types of wheel alignment systems: 3D, CCD, and Touchless. The company is the only producer of reliable Heavy Duty vehicle machine vision systems.

Unparalleled contactless wheel alignment system with automatic vehicle detection and adaptive rear towers to measure a wide range of wheelbases. The use of highly reliable infrared or low radiation projectors can improve operator safety and increase system reliability. Reliable data processing algorithms have no competitors among manufacturers of contactless equipment.

Best on the market machine-vision wheel aligners for heavy-duty trucks with WideScope technology. Up to four axes live-readings. Truck or semi-trailer measuring with high accuracy and reliability of machine-vision technology. Fast angles check and adjustment with no electronic parts on wheels. Use thrust line or frame centerline as a reference with no additional on-truck fixtures mounts.

Unique WideScope technology allows readings and adjusts angles in a very wide range of rack
heights, without adjusting the height of the measuring system, which in turn allows for a more
compact installation without loss of accuracy and significantly increases the productivity of your
wheel alignment bay.



Quality control is the cornerstone of the company’s philosophy. All manufactured equipment undergoes a pre-sale check for the operability of the main units and confirmation of the stated measurement accuracy indicators. This control minimizes the number of equipment failures during initial installations.

The products have a three-year limited warranty on all systems’ critical parts and components. Buy with no worry. You can return for a full refund in thirty days. *except shipping and packing coast.