TechnoVector Group at «SEMA Show 2021»
TechnoVector and iPRO equipment has been represented on November 2-5, 2021 at the international exhibition «SEMA» in Las Vegas
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TechnoVector at the exhibition «Interauto 2021»
On August 24-27 TechnoVector represents its equipment at the «Interauto 2021» in Moscow
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TechnoVector at the online exhibition «SEMA360»
From 2nd to 6th of November 2020 TechnoVector represents its equipment online at the SEMA360.
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TechnoVector at the «Automassan 2020» exhibition in Sweden
TechnoVector represents the equipment on the exhibition «Automassan 2020» in Goteborg from 15 to 18 January 2020.
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TechnoVector 8 at the «AUTO SALON and AUTOWEEK» in Korea
Contactless wheel aligner TechnoVector 8 at the exhibition «AUTO SALON and AUTOWEEK» on October 3-6, 2019.
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TechnoVector at the exhibition «AUTOTEC EXPO 2019» in Greece
27-29 of September 2019, TechnoVector equipment was represented at the AUTOTEC EXPO 2019 in Paianía (Greece)
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TechnoVector presented new products at the Interauto-2019
TechnoVector presented impressive new products at the exhibition Interauto-2019 in Moscow in the period 2-5 of September.
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TechnoVector at the ProfiAuto Show in Poland
8-9 of June 2019, equipment of the TechnoVector was represented at the ProfiAuto Show in Katowice (Poland).
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TechnoVector at the "Autopromotec" exhibition in Italy
Since 22 to 26 of May 2019, the TechnoVector represented its equipment at the exhibition in Bologna.
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TechnoVector at the V international car industry forum TIAF
TechnoVector took part in the V International Car Industry Forum TIAF supported by Automechanika 2019.
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