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TechnoVector at «AUTOTECHNICA 2022» in Belgium

7-30 March 2022 equipment produced by TechnoVector was represented at «AUTOTECHNICA 2022» in Brussels, Belgium.

«AUTOTECHNICA 2022» is the international exhibition for professionals working in the field of car industry.

«ProvEQ+» company being the official dealer of TechnoVector demonstrated performance of the wheel alignment equipment fitted with contactless and 3D-technology.

The exhibition visitors got a chance to see advantages of the contactless wheel aligner TechnoVector 8 Smartlight. This machine is capable to measure wheel parameters in a few seconds without targets and wheel adapters.

Also at the «AUTOTECHNICA 2022» there was an exposition of wheel aligners with 3D-technology:
  • wheel aligner TechnoVector 7 with 4 cameras for car wheel angles adjustment
  • wheel aligner TechnoVector 7 Truck for truck wheel angles adjustment. This is a mobile wheel aligner which can be freely moved between working bays without recalibration. Well fits for heavy-duty vehicles drive-through.


We were pleased to see all the visitors at the «AUTOTECHNICA 2022»!